More on Evolution (Devolution!)…! PandasThumb!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

More on Evolution (Devolution!)…! PandasThumb!

Sorry I will use an example!

I do not understand much of myself…!

How can I understand origins of life or how wrong in logic Evolution is?

Can anybody please make life in a Laboratory, then we can talk all it took!

If the pathways and roads to life are too complex or not known, we are merely speculating terribly in Graduate and Post Graduate Evolution studies! In which ignorant students are really rusted minds!

Think of analphabetism as a big end road in Evolution!


In pure logic, when from small basic elements to the end big product or thing or being, you find that there are things that are theories merely, like “consciousness”, cognitive Science, etc., you declare that basic chemical elements self formation to origins of life are also merely theories at best!

To declare the above does not tie us down in ancient Religions or with the Bible! Rather it shows Evolution Science to be rather of very little intelligence and logic!

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