Thursday, November 20, 2014 Some news for today: Canada’s help to save World’s children! – Corning Gorilla’s glass screen smartphone! – SATAN and JESUS a belief TOO EXTREME! – SO Lovely [ “Jessy”]!

A FEW CHILDREN IN CANADA the “communist social services” oppress and take away their toys for not paying the rent to their slave rental owners!

In November 2007, I launched the Initiative to Save a Million Lives, marking the beginning of Canada’s work to help the world’s children:


The Verge
It’s unlikely we’ll see a truly impervious smartphone screen anytime soon, but Corning says it’s getting us closer. Today the company is announcing Gorilla Glass 4, the latest revision of its…
and rubber edges!
We’re one step closer to a truly impervious smartphone screen.
…i prefer a 250$ keyboard cellphone with RADIO…! and a sweet 8″ to 10″ TABLET Android with wifi!
Satan is the most nonsensical idea anybody has ever had! IT IS TOO EXTREME !

Satan flees at the Name of Jesus! Call on the Name of Jesus now. Spread the Gospel.

…come on horsee…!


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