Fifteen years is nothing

The supposed to be wonders of chavismo has become a failed majority benefit, which has been limited to smaller groups, as happens always in ancient communist-socialist states regressed in time and history !

Testimony to this is the “exodus” to other frontiers and even to the neighboring Colombia of around and over 1 million Venezuelans! Most of this exodus are of the normal educated Venezuelan’s!

Testimony to this are the empty Supermarkets, unavailability of essentials and most anything! Costly or unavailable medicines! And a very high cost of living! Extreme violence worse than previously before these “false macho’s” and masked thief’s!

The stench of the general ill feeling in the population lying to themselves that all is well, regardless of all being wrong and bad, is nearly getting to be a modern Cuba! Having to line up for hours for food is degrading!

The only way to recover Venezuela would be to get a complete public displeasure manifestation, and international intervention, from the too many deaths!

Caracas Chronicles

You know what happens to people we send to Cuba, right? You know what happens to people we send to Cuba, right?

I found this El Universal interview with chavista heavyweight Alí Rodríguez particularly galling. Rodríguez seems to have let his guard down, and we appreciate that, but in the process he lays naked the vast intellectual wasteland that is chavismo. Basically, he says that chavismo needs to define how much the State should do, and what they need the private sector for. Qué molleja

After more than a trillion dollars in oil revenue, after umpteen elections, countless political conflicts, and accumulating more power than anyone in the history of the country, chavistas are calling each other to think about the fundamental question: how much should the State do?

You would think that after fifteen years, they would at least have that down. But no.

Rodríguez claims that fifteen years is nothing, because they inherited the State structures and the culture…

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