Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

Bizarre, things of power ! Drugs, Military and ?Religion go in hand! FALSE HOPES OF A GOOD LIFE in the “HELL” they make of LIFE…!
USA did not contact him, to be infiltrated! So he is back to do what he wants as usual! MORE THAN BIZARRE…SURREAL…!

Caracas Chronicles

The return of the consul The return of the consul

As we try to make sense of the bizarre happenings of the past weekend regarding the jailing and subsequent release of Hugo Carvajal, it is worth revisiting a crazy theory I put out back in March. It goes something like this: the US sees Maduro as the lesser of two evils, because Petrocaribe ensures a certain modicum of stability for the Caribbean basin. Anything that rocks the fragile relationship between the Venezuelan NarcoState and the Caribbean countries is a source of concern for the big kahunas in the North.

I think the politics of the Caribbean basin are an important factor when analyzing Venezuela’s relationships with some of its antagonists in the first world. We’ve tried to address the importance of Venezuelan subsidies to the region’s economies, and even brought in a Caribbean analyst to spell it out for us. It’s a topic that still…

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