…”jesus” only a mere prophet, or prophet-priest-and king, “only son of god”…?!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

…”jesus” only a mere prophet, or prophet-priest-and king, “only son of god”…?!


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Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable [2] and the purpose of existence is to worship God.[3] Muslims also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed before many times throughout the world, including notably through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, whom they consider prophets.[4] They maintain that the previous messages and revelations have been partially misinterpreted or altered over time,[5] but consider the Arabic Qur’an to be both the unaltered and the final revelation of God.[6] Religious concepts and practices include the five pillars of Islam, which are basic concepts and obligatory acts of worship, and following Islamic law, which touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, providing guidance on multifarious topics from banking and welfare, to family life and the environment.[7][8]


According to the Quran, Jesus, although appearing to have been crucified, was not killed by crucifixion or by any other means; instead, “God raised him unto Himself”. Like all prophets in Islam, Jesus is considered a Muslim (i.e., one who submits to the will of God), as he preached that his followers should adopt the “straight path” as commanded by God. Islam rejects the Trinitarian Christian view that Jesus was God incarnate or the son of God, that he was ever crucified or resurrected, or that he ever atoned for the sins of mankind. The Quran says that Jesus himself never claimed any of these things, and it furthermore indicates that Jesus will deny having ever claimed divinity at the Last Judgment, and God will vindicate him.[5] The Quran emphasizes that Jesus was a mortal human being who, like all other prophets, had been divinely chosen to spread God’s message. Islamic texts forbid the association of partners with God (shirk), emphasizing a strict notion of monotheism (tawhīd). An alternative interpretation of this theology is held by Messianic Muslims.


In Islam, Jesus (commonly transliterated as Isa) is considered one of God’s important prophets and the Messiah.[25] To Muslims, Jesus is a bringer of scripture and was born of a virgin, but neither the Son of God nor the victim of crucifixion. According to the Quran, Jesus was not crucified but was physically raised into the heavens by God.[26] Judaism rejects the Christian and Islamic belief that Jesus was the awaited Messiah, arguing that he did not fulfill the Messianic prophecies in the Tanakh.



…the biggest known confrontation of truths into who Jesus was…!

WAS JESUS only a human PROPHET ?

BECAUSE from being only a PROPHET, to being the only son of the God of the Bible, IS AS FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER, as the biggest distance you can imagine !
IN OTHER WORDS the difference is TOO BIG, for there any way of JESUS BEING much anything at all, and only merely a RELIGIOUS LEADER…!!!

AMBIGUITY, IS A BIG BASIS FOR DOUBT…! AND HERE IT IS MORE THAN DOUBT ! IT IS MERE A religious-cultural story of “bad tone” in some cases !

BECAUSE PURE LOGIC PROVES, THAT THE LOGIC of having a un-married chaste[false holiness] Human-God Son Jesus, proves this God does not believe in HAVING A DAUGHTER GOD…! Is not this God ALL-POWERFUL…!
IF this cannot have a DAUGHTER GOD, it means this God is NOT ALL-POWERFUL, rendering this God merely a religious un-true story…!

THERE ARE MANY OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE THIS GOD with no common sense or logic in many things…!

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