…do americans or anybody know maths ? 23% increase in prices is different for different things…!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

…do americans or anybody know maths ? 23% increase in prices is different for different things…!


George F Thomson

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Five years ago today was the last time the federal minimum wage was raised. #TBT #LiveTheWage 



George F Thomson
2:58 PM

maths is a problem !!!

23% increase in egss is a laugh!

23% increase in gasoline isn’t !

100% increase of something of 1$ makes it 2$!


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…news for wednesday 30 july 2014…! : …your brain on pot! – natural gas is whishful thinking! – acid oceans! – more bans on travel to venezuela officials! – voices from the death penalty! – milky way smaller! – fraser health is bad! – tom toles! – john kerry!!! – hand guns! – alex cartoon! – matt! – cricket! – david cameron and WW3! – MH17! – more russia sanctions! – children traffichers nabed! – twitter and G+! – NDP landing! – rex murphy! – justin go home! – benedict dirt selfie! – ukraine devastations! – tor! – gary clement!

…news for wednesday 30 july 2014…! : …your brain on pot! – natural gas is whishful thinking! – acid oceans! – more bans on travel to venezuela officials! – voices from the death penalty! – milky way smaller! – fraser health is bad! – tom toles! – john kerry!!! – hand guns! – alex cartoon! – matt! – cricket! – david cameron and WW3! – MH17! – more russia sanctions! – children traffichers nabed! – twitter and G+! – NDP landing! – rex murphy! – justin go home! – benedict dirt selfie! – ukraine devastations! – tor! – gary clement!


George F Thomson

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i would feel “dirty” with a selfie with that white washed life that lives off religious tales, and makes humans stupid superstitious kids…!
…just, no.

#selfie   #usie 

NEW YORK, N.Y. – What do you call a group selfie? An usie, of course!


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The Russian Red Cross is not alone in its efforts. Russian Human Rights Commissioner Ella Pamfilova has been trying to achieve the same goal.


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…justin you are no future for Canada!

…you might be a future for yourself…!

Politics now is very much public performance: Think of the early Obama. Biography and lifestyle can trump any platform.


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The National Security Agency may be working to crack the anonymous Tor browser, but the US government actually donated close to $2 million to the project in 2013.


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…with the current leaders, i think they are better than any leaders of WW1…!

…there is a more modern influence in education and World Governments!

…no WW3 makes any sense for anything…! unless somebody is playing some kind of end game…!

The leaders of 1914 recklessly led the world into a nightmarish war. Do you really believe today’s leaders are any smarter?


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…a mature NDP…! that makes sense!
His message that the situation cannot be reduced to moral platitudes appears to have been aimed as much at NDP hardliners as at the Conservatives


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Experts fear the inquiry has become bogged down almost before it has begun. Here, everything that we do know, and don’t know, about Flight MH17
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…russia you are slowly getting cubanized …!

…is it worth to try and cubanize back ?

…i doubt it…! unless you are playing some kind of end game…!

The U.S. and Europe kicked off a joint effort intended to curb Russia’s long-term ability to develop new oil resources, taking aim at the Kremlin’s premier source of wealth and power in…
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…disgraceful …!
When FBI agents and police officers fanned out across the U.S. last month in a weeklong effort to rescue child sex trafficking victims, they pulled minors as young as 11 from hotel rooms, truck stops…
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…twitter is too small and limits me too much to followers…!

…GOOGLE G+ is way better…!

TWITTER can you go bigger in format ???

Twitter is trading at around 70 times its projected earnings for the year – a generous multiple, even in the world of technology
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…eliz, i mean elizabeth! if you knew what arabs are and palestinians you would not defend them as such…!
Green Leader Elizabeth May is distancing herself from her party president after he wrote a strongly worded blogpost on the Gaza conflict that condemns Hamas and supports Israel.
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…I WOULD ADD that a WW3 is not required in the worst case of scenarios! That is if you know how!?
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LONGEST game i have ever known>>>!  can last a day or more!

but you can get to like it…!

AN END GAME like that they are doing on me! takes as long as “they” want…! MAYANS…!


India (330 & 112/4) trail England (569/7 dec & 205/4 dec) by 332 runs


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An ad depicting a deadly domestic violence scenario attempts to portray what some women face. It is also depicts the next front in the gun control debate.


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! USA moves in being ! Their one political motto is: they try and keep “some” war playing grounds! While they run a poor homeless drug festered USA…!
His short-term push for a cease-fire in Gaza risks a long-term peace.


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The latest from The Post’s editorial cartoonist.


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…republicans and paul ryan…! your next economy crash…! and medical uninsured…!
Short summary of story


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Several Fraser Health Authority hospitals have some of the worst results in Canada on various measures of patient safety and quality of care, according to a report prepared for the ministry of health and released Wednesday.

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Fraser Health Authority hospitals among ‘worst in Canada’ (with video)

Patients have flooded Surrey Memorial Hospital’s new emergency department, raising concerns the nine-month old facility may already be over capacity. The number of patients seeking treatment at Surrey’s ER has jumped 27.5 per cent since it opened Oct. 1, 2013, compared to the


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…NOT only that…! they have never given me any required medical attention ! I have had to go elsewhere to Drs. and to Venezuela! But to private clinics in Venezuela as the chavistas one had the same eco results as this Hospital in Canada…! BIZARRE…!!! And the private clinic gave me a visible my own true view, good result…!!!

…GOV OF CANADA something is wrong with FRASER HEALTH and British Columbia…!

…not only that…! this emergency is the entry door to a hidden in plain eye sight “GITMO-mental health detention center-extra judicial”, VIET CONG torture center…!

Fraser Health hospitals are diverting or transferring stroke patients to Vancouver hospitals, creating “less than ideal” care, according to an external report prepared for the provincial government.
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…i bet ya, they still are far away from understanding, the time light travels, and how the light pathway, is a continuous photon, that is a spiral due to EARTH ROTATION SPEED, and who knows what else is rotating, and not VISIBLY IN THE CORRECT POSITION …!


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…es hora de bloquear mas y mas a Venezuela, y quitarles esta victoria del mal a ellos y a los CASTRO…!
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…the death penalty is as ancient minded logic, as the Bible big bad wolf that is going to punish you for ever in hell, if you are bad and don’t convert to Jesus and become “born again”…!

…it appears to deter crime and homicides…! but it is not the best deterrent!  the best deterrent is education, work, and a good life…!

…USA, sometimes i wonder where their intelligence is…?! in their minds or in their heads…!

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…it is time to block more and more Venezuela! these cubanists think they can enjoy life and do the biggest thefts of Gov treasure in this countries history!

…you do not know what they might be willing to do to expand their power control!

…what a victory for cubans of the CASTRO’s…! how can USA and the World let them enjoy this victory of evil…?

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…news for tuesday 29 july 2014…! paul ryan a pathway to nowhere! – climate change warning! puting diverces!

…news for tuesday 29 july 2014…! paul ryan a pathway to nowhere! – climate change warning! puting diverces!


George F Thomson

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…republicans make more poor! they break companies and put people out in the street…! Jesus said to not take away the nests from the birds…!


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…not the right economics…! they crash the World economy!
The Huffington Post


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yep! are you going to devastate the Arctic ?
The Huffington Post
(Adds comment from Republican lawmaker, paragraphs 7-8) By Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) – Putting off expensive measures to curb climate change will only cost the United States more in the long run, th…


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…putin ya must know what yer doing !
The Huffington Post
News broke yesterday that Vladimir Putin is finally single after 30 years of marriage. Jimmy Kimmel explained that Putin and his wife divorced over the normal long-term couple squabbles, you know, “don’t invade Ukraine, stop cracking down on dis…

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Canadian military looking to add air defence system to its VIP aircraft | National Post

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canadian military looking to add air defence system to its VIP aircraft | National Post


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…they say that if 747 – Air Force 1 has many defense systems, and you have the money for it, you may as well put something on your flying “typewriter”…!
The Canadian military is looking for an air defence system to protect its VIP aircraft, including the one used by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from surface-to-air missiles

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Monday, July 28, 2014




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…Lava, : what comes out must go in or be compressed to never go in again !
A geologist dips a rock hammer into an active lava pool at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. After scooping out the lava it is placed in the water to quench it. HVO routinely collects lava samples for chemical analysis, which can give insight into changes in the magmatic system.

Photo from the U.S. Geologic Survey


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Some Questions And Inconsistencies On The Carvajal Affair

More than Bizarre, Surreal…! They all go back to the mire of “money power” after jail, like NORIEGA…!

The Devil's Excrement


There are too many  unanswered questions about the Carvajal affair. Too many inconsistencies. I have been wondering about them, some I have seen asked elsewhere, others not. So, here is my list of mysteries surrounding this affair:

-Knowing that General Carvajal was in the US Drug kingpin list since 2008, why did the Maduro Government name him as Consul to Aruba?

-Did the Venezuelan Government ever notify The Netherlands of Carvajal’s nomination as Consul to Aruba? El Universal says it never happened.

-Why did Carvajal, knowing about the extradition treaty between The Netherlands and the US travel to Aruba before he had been given the placet or approval by The Netherlands?

-Why did Maduro want to name Carvajal as Consul to Aruba specifically? Is it related to the island being an offshore financial center?

-Why would a legal resident of the US, lend or lease his US company’s jet to…

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Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop

Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop

Originally posted from: Fausta’s Blog – http://faustasblog.com/2014/07/aruba-el-pollo-flew-the-coop



Well, that didn’t take long!

Hugo Carvajal, a.k.a. “El Pollo” (the chicken), the Venezuelan consul candidate accused of providing weapons to the FARC, working with Iranian intelligence, and who’s under investigation for his role on the attacks to the Colombian consulate and the Jewish center in Caracas, was released by Aruban authorities, after Holland decided he did qualify for diplomatic immunity but declared him person non-grata.

This is yet another instance where America is perceived as weak, since

The arrest was based on a formal request from the United States. [Aruba’s chief prosecutor Peter] Blanken said Aruba was “obliged to cooperate” because of a treaty with the United States.

Carvajal immediately flew back to Caracas, in time to attend the PSUV congress and walk into Nicolas Maduro’s arms:

Daniel Duquenal:

The thing is that the swift, I repeat the word, retrieval of Carvajal means that not only the army has acted but also the drug traffickers, and all the thugs that could be affected

Raúl Stolk, in a post titled Chicken Run,

This, of course, raises a bunch of questions:

  • Has the US anything to say? What about the request for extradition?
  • Jose Ignacio Hernandez explained at Prodavinci that immunity alone would not suffice to protect Carvajal if the reason for his detention was not related to his functions as head of the Venezuelan Consulate in Aruba. Then, why would the Dutch just go with Venezuela’s lame arguments to release the man?
  • Does everybody fear Diosdado? (Damn!)
  • Is dealing drugs ok now?

Miguel Octavio has a lot more questions:

-Why did Maduro want to name Carvajal as Consul to Aruba specifically? Is it related to the island being an offshore financial center?

-Why would a legal resident of the US, lend or lease his US company’s jet to someone in the US drug kingpin list in the Patriot’s Act era?

Juan Cristobal Nagel asks, Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

The Caribbean economies are mighty fragile. The last thing the US, the Netherlands, and other colonial powers need … is for Maduro’s instability to spill over into the islands.

Interesting question, but I think Nagel may overestimate U.S. influence on this issue.

More from Venezuela-Europa:

So: the man in charge of the foreign relations for the  Kingdom of the Netherlands took the decision to liberate a man who

  1. came in with a false passport,
  2. had over $20000 with him and had not declared that money
  3. had not received the placet to become a consul,
  4. was accused by the US of having tortured and murdered two Colombian officials, of having helped a terrorist organisation and being responsible for cocaine trafficking.


To keep the caged bird from singing?

Smart diplomacy!:

A senior U.S. official said the U.S. had been blindsided by the Dutch

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One Response to “Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop”

  1. George F Thomson Says:
    Junkies finance everything with DRUGS, because Governments do not have work for all and a good life!

    HOW can governments work along with DRUGS? Why? The lure of what is not given through legal means!

Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

Bizarre, things of power ! Drugs, Military and ?Religion go in hand! FALSE HOPES OF A GOOD LIFE in the “HELL” they make of LIFE…!
USA did not contact him, to be infiltrated! So he is back to do what he wants as usual! MORE THAN BIZARRE…SURREAL…!

Caracas Chronicles

The return of the consul The return of the consul

As we try to make sense of the bizarre happenings of the past weekend regarding the jailing and subsequent release of Hugo Carvajal, it is worth revisiting a crazy theory I put out back in March. It goes something like this: the US sees Maduro as the lesser of two evils, because Petrocaribe ensures a certain modicum of stability for the Caribbean basin. Anything that rocks the fragile relationship between the Venezuelan NarcoState and the Caribbean countries is a source of concern for the big kahunas in the North.

I think the politics of the Caribbean basin are an important factor when analyzing Venezuela’s relationships with some of its antagonists in the first world. We’ve tried to address the importance of Venezuelan subsidies to the region’s economies, and even brought in a Caribbean analyst to spell it out for us. It’s a topic that still…

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Breaking: Chicken Run [Updated]

Breaking: Chicken Run [Updated]

Of the lesser evils! DRUGS and power “suck”…! Where is the good life ? Impunity, opens the doors, like NORIEGA…! After years of jail overseas! Back to the same place of power! NO COUNTRY PROGRESS in Nicaragua!

Caracas Chronicles

Why would I put a picture of a refinery in a story that has nothing to do with oil? Why would I put a picture of a refinery in a story that has nothing to do with oil?

[Update: The Dutch confirm Carvajal will be freed and reports say he will board a Caracas-bound flight shortly. Teach your children to traffic coke, folks, it’s the only thing that pays.]

Our favorite story of the week —that which took our attention from the really important stuff— has come to an abrupt end. According to Elías Jaua – who apparently moonlights as a public information officer for the Dutch foreign ministry these days – the Kingdom of Holland approved Hugo Carvajal’s credentials as Consul and ordered his immediate release.

In short, he said that the Dutch had agreed with Venezuela’s arguments, and recognized this was a violation of the Vienna Convention. We have not been able to confirm this with any other sources so far.

This, of course, raises a bunch…

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…from debunking christianity: ” why they are atheist”…!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

…from debunking christianity: ” why they are atheist”…!


Debunking Christianity

Why I Am An Atheist, My Statement vs Dr. Rauser
By John W. Loftus at 6/05/2013
This week I have been in Canada debating/discussing atheism vs Christianity with Dr. Randal Rauser. He and I co-wrote the book God or Godless?: One Atheist. One Christian. Twenty Controversial Questions.Here is my 20 minute statement on “Why I Am An Atheist.” It took me over forty years to write it since it’s based on all that I’ve learned in that time. See what you think. I’ll be traveling home tomorrow.

Why I Am An Atheist
by John W. Loftus

I’m very grateful and honored to have been brought here to discuss/debate these issues. Thank you so much. This is refreshing, an indicator that you want to seriously examine your faith. I think Randal is one of the best Christian apologists of our generation. He’s brilliant of course, but that’s what it takes to defend the indefensible. He doesn’t think atheists are necessarily crazy, and that’s a plus too! He’s willing to reasonably engage us and to revise his theology, if needed, in response to our arguments. So I am very grateful he chose to co-write God or Godless with me. I look forward to him revising his theology in light of tonight.

I’m going to give reasons why I am an atheist. First, what is an atheist? A-theist. Non-theist. Non-believer. I do not believe.

As a former Christian I examined several major religions and various Christian cults and concluded there wasn’t sufficient objective evidence for any of them. I was a skeptic of all other religions except my own particular evangelical sect. What happened that changed my mind is that over the years I learned to apply the same objective evidential standards to my own faith that I had already applied to the other faiths I rejected. As I did that, I learned to reject them all because of the same reason, the lack of sufficient objective evidence. [You can see this line of reasoning developed in my book, “The Outsider Test for Faith”].

Muslims respond that I willfully refuse to believe in Allah, just as Christians say I willfully refuse to believe in Yahweh. But I am no more refusing to believe in those gods and their religions as I refuse to believe in the Mormon, or Hindu gods and their religions. I just think none of them have sufficient objective evidence for them to believe. That’s all there is to it.

On the topic of this talk I wrote a 500 page book, “Why I Became an Atheist.” It’s my magnum opus. If you want to read a detailed answer to this question get that book.

One of the reasons I am an atheist is because I honestly wanted to know the truth. Most Christians do not honestly examine their faith. The overwhelming majority of them will never read that book or one like it. So if nothing else, read God or Godless.

Unfortunately, when we look at Randal’s defense of his faith in God or Godless, it is entirely worthless. [Sorry to be so adversarial, but please consider I edited a book titled, “The Christian Delusion.” I do hope his arguments push other evangelicals in his direction since he is closer to the truth.] I am an atheist because even the best and brightest apologists like Randal who take our arguments seriously cannot provide a good reason to believe.

So let’s revisit Randal’s ten chosen topics:

1) If there is no God then life has no meaning. Wrong. No one should ever reject the evidence for a conclusion simply because they dislike the conclusion. If there is no God then we are our own meaning makers. Period. Only after you realize God doesn’t exist will you see this.

2) If there is no God then everything is permitted. Wrong again. The ones doing the permitting are people in their respective societies. Even if Thomas Hobbes is correct that we are at war with everyone else, we must still adopt some kind of reasonable social contract whereby we join together for the common good. If not, a society will collapse into chaos. Since no one desires chaos there are reasonable limits to what any society will permit. By contrast, if God exists there are no limits to what can be permitted when people believe something to be divinely authorized.

3) Science is no substitute for religion. Bogus. If there is one mark of the deluded mind (defined as “believing against the overwhelming evidence”) it’s that somewhere along the line he or she must be ignorant of, or denigrate, or deny science. Religion has given us nothing in comparison to science. Faith-based reasoning processes are notoriously unreliable. They do not help us get at the truth. What do they offer as a substitute for evidence based reasoning processes?

4) God is the best explanation of the whole shebang. Spurious. Believers have always said this, even though science has made great strides in answering this question. God of the gaps arguments like this one have failed so many times in the past it’s quite surprising to see Randal still using it. Something exists. So either something—anything—has always existed, or something—anything—popped into existence out of nothing. Those are the choices. The best explanation for our existence is the simplest one. The theistic hypothesis is that a three-in-one God exists who never had a beginning or a prior moment to choose his own nature, who never learned any new propositions, who cannot think because thinking requires weighing alternatives, who cannot even laugh because nothing takes him by surprise, who created this world with its natural disasters, who doesn’t even benevolently act in the midst of our sufferings. This is no explanation at all. So many questions abound. The scientific hypothesis merely starts with an equilibrium of positive and negative energy along with the laws of physics. Grant this and there is a 60% chance something should exist. Given the fact of evolution there is no need for a God, and there’s no evidence he is involved in this process at all. The main thing scientists have not yet explained is the origin of life. If your theology hangs on that gap then you are betting against everything science has solved so far. And once you allow god explanations into your equations then most any god will do, even an evil one.

5) If there is no God then we don’t know anything. False. If so, chimps don’t know anything either. They don’t know how to get food, or mate or even where to live. Without knowing anything they should’ve died off a long time ago. And yet here they are. They don’t need a god to know these things. Why do we need a god for knowledge? We learn through a process of trial and error. Since we’ve survived as a human species, we have acquired reliable knowledge about our world. Period.

6) Love exists only if God exists. Erroneous. This is an empty rhetorical claim devoid of any content at all. Believers have always said this even during the Inquisition and witch-hunts. Randal should look at the evidence of the history of the church. He should consider the other primates who exhibit characteristics of love. He should also take seriously the evidence in the Bible that God is not love either, for he will squash you like a bug if you don’t obey him, which isn’t descriptive of love, much less parental love, or perfect love at all. It’s descriptive of a despotic king, of which Yahweh was modeled after.

7) Everybody has faith. Misguided. This may be true for most people, but it’s the problem, not the solution. Faith is a cognitive bias causing people to overestimate any confirming evidence and to underestimate any disconfirming evidence. Faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities. [When I say this I’m not saying Randal is irrational, only that faith is irrational.] Reasonable people think exclusively in terms of probabilities based on objective sufficient evidence along with sound reasoning about the evidence.

8) Objective beauty exists therefore God exists. Foolish. There is nothing objectively beautiful or ugly in the world. There is just raw uninterpreted stuff. If we could see and hear the whole electromagnetic and sonic spectra then all we could see or hear would be white noise. How is white noise objectively beautiful? Without any objective beauty there is no argument to the existence of his evangelical God.

9) God best explains the miracles in people’s lives. Silly. Given the number of believers in the world and the number of rare coincidences that could occur in their lives I’m actually surprised there aren’t more miracle claims. Extremely rare coincidences happen. It’s what we would expect given the odds. There are no verifiable supernatural agents behind them. People merely see supernatural agents where there aren’t any because we’ve inherited this propensity from the animal kingdom, who thought they heard predators approaching merely at the random sound of rustling leaves. What we need are clinical studies, which are the best kind of scientific evidence for these claims, and nearly every scientific study done on petitionary prayer has shown it works statistically no better than chance.

10) God raised Jesus from the dead. Not true. No reasonable person today should believe 2nd 3rd 4th handed testimony coming from a lone part of the ancient world as we find in 4th century manuscripts written by pre-scientific superstitious people who doctored up and forged many of these texts. Almost all of our questions go unanswered, the kind of questions we have been able to ask of the rise of Mormonism in the modern world, leading us to reject it. What did the early disciples actually claim to have seen? Did they all tell the same stories? Did any of them recant? All we have is Paul’s first person testimony, and if we’re to believe Acts 26:19, he said his Damascus road conversion was based on nothing more than a vision.

If we read in a 2000 year-old ancient Chinese document that a virgin had a baby, then that so-called testimonial evidence is too far removed for us to accept it. It doesn’t matter if the same document tells us others at that time believed in a virgin birth. The evidence is still the same for us, since it comes from that very same document. It also doesn’t matter if it was believed within a religious context. If anything, the religious context would help to discredit it, since miracle claims within religious contexts are a dime a dozen.

Apologists like Randal throw up nothing but smoke-screens to deny the obvious. They will concoct disanalogous hypothetical stories that have no bearing on the need for sufficient objective evidence. No reasonable person should believe that a virgin gave birth to God incarnate in today’s world without sufficient objective evidence. Can you even imagine what evidence would convince you that she did? So why should this requirement be different when it comes to the ancient pre-scientific superstitious past? If anything, it should be foremost on our minds. Whether a virgin gave birth to God incarnate is a historical claim about what supposedly happened in the past. There is only one kind of evidence that can show this, if it can be shown at all. Objective evidence. We need a sufficient amount of it to convince us. No amount of intellectual gerrymandering can weasel out of this reasonable requirement.

Alvin Plantinga has even made a sustained case that he is rational to believe without any evidence at all, in his 500 page book Warranted Christian Belief. But it’s of no use. Plantinga’s argument is based on a conditional, “If…then.” “If Christian belief is true, it very likely does have warrant.” Well then, if Mormonism is true then it very likely does have warrant. If Scientology is true then it very likely does have warrant. If Islam is true then it very likely does have warrant. If Hinduism is true then it very likely does have warrant. This is nothing but sophisticated empty rhetoric irrelevant to the real issue of whether these religions are true. It reminds me of what philosophy Professor Stephen Law wrote: “Anything based on faith, no matter how ludicrous, can be made to be consistent with the available evidence, given a little patience and ingenuity.” (Believing Bullshit, p. 75).

Plantinga argues that beliefs based on private subjective experiences are warranted unless there is a defeater to them. The defeater to any private subjective experience is, was, and always will be, sufficient objective evidence. Objective evidence is public evidence, scientific evidence, historical evidence, evidence that convinces reasonable people. Anyone who thinks private subjective experiences count as evidence for the claims of history is not thinking rationally. In other contexts psychics do that. Is Plantinga a psychic? Is that what he considers evidence? This is not how historians do their work, and the tools they use are all we have to know what happened in the past. A trained historian will never conclude that a miracle can be detected with those tools, for it is always more likely than not to be explained as a myth, legend, extremely rare coincidence, or lie, rather than a suspension of the laws of nature. These tales litter the ancient highway. God may even have done a plethora or miracles in the past and will do so again in the future. But the historian’s perspective, the only one available, comes from the modern world where they do not happen.

The number of believers who claim they have had a personal experience with their particular cultural god are a dime a dozen. It doesn’t matter if believers say their religious experience is real and the others are not. You would expect them to say that. The honest truth for honest people is that these subjective experiences provide no evidence at all. The very fact that believers like Plantinga deny the need for sufficient objective evidence is because they intuitively know their faith does not have it, for if it did, they would be the first ones crowing about it. If nothing else, this should serve as a red light warning that one’s faith is a delusion.

Natural theology doesn’t fare any better. When it comes to Jesus there was a large group of believers who were prone to accept the tales told about him by early Christians. The Jews. They lived in the same time period, believed in Yahweh, that he does miracles, and they knew their OT prophecies. If there was ever a testing ground for the claims about Jesus the Jews in his day were it. Yet they didn’t believe. They were there and they were believers and yet the overwhelming number of them did not believe. Why should we? Who inspired these supposed OT prophecies? Yahweh. So let me ask, were the Jews stupid or did God mislead them? Are Christians really willing to say nearly 8 million Jews at the time of Jesus were stupid? Are Christians really willing to say they did not desire to know the truth, that they insincerely preferred to believe a lie, almost all of them, such that Paul had to preach the gospel to Gentiles for converts? And if God misled them to believe a lie, then he also condemned them to hell. Which is it? The fact is there is no prophecy in the OT that is to be regarded as a prophecy that specifically points to the birth, life, death or resurrection of Jesus. None. All you need to do is read the so-called prophecies in their original contexts and you’ll see that the NT writers grossly mishandled them.

Natural theology therefore died a long time ago, before it was born, with the Jewish rejection of Jesus as the resurrected Messiah. If there was sufficient evidence to conclude Jesus was the resurrected Messiah then almost all Jews in the first century would have become Christians. In fact, almost all theists should be Christians since they share the same belief in a creator miracle working God. The problem is that just because someone is a theist does not mean it’s more likely than not that a particular Christian miracle took place. All theism grants you is the possibility of miracles. But I too allow for them. Theists in other religions require sufficient objective evidence before accepting the miracle claims of other theistic religions. The raw uninterpreted historical data must therefore provide the reasonable theist with sufficient evidence that a God did this or that particular miracle before accepting it. So to be consistent without using any double standards, theists within their own religions should require sufficient objective evidence before believing that a theistic God did the miracles within their own religion. They must require this without begging the question or special pleading their own case.

I simply require sufficient objective evidence for them all. Remember, we’re trying to find out what’s true. Not what makes us feel good, but what actually accords with reality. Our feelings are only a reliable guide to subjective things, like what kind of music we enjoy, or what type of food we like, and so on. They cannot guide us to the truth about historical events. My position is the most consistent one to adopt, and given that different theists reject each other’s foundational miracle claims, they do the work for me. They don’t believe, just as I don’t believe in any of them.


I developed some questions for Rauser beforehand (whether I get to them in the debate/discussion that follows I can’t say):

1) If you wanted to know what happened at Custer’s Last Stand wouldn’t you want sufficient evidence before coming to a conclusion? Why is that different when it comes to the claim that a virgin gave birth to God incarnate?

2) Can you provide any objective evidence for your faith without special pleading or begging the question?

3) Do you reject personal private subjective experience when it comes to other religions? If so, why don’t you reject those same kinds of claims when it comes to your religion?

4) Can you provide any reason at all to think that sufficient objective evidence is not good enough when it comes any historical claim?

5) When it comes to Mohammed flying on a winged horse to visit the heavenly realms, or the golden plates that Joseph Smith supposedly translated into the Book of Mormon, or Scientologist’s claim that an intergalactic emperor named Xenu placed people in a volcano and blew them up, do you require sufficient evidence in order to believe them? Why are your superstitious claims exempt from this same requirement?

6) What is the specific doctrinal content to your subjective experience of God? Does your experience provide any? What is it? If not, how can you claim your experience leads you to believe as you do? If so, what is it and why do other evangelicals who claim this same experience believe differently based on it? Do evangelical witch-hunters in Africa have the same properly basic belief about God?Specifically with regard to salvation. Specifically with regard to the Bible.

7) Can you explain why your so-called properly basic beliefs change with more study? Why does a child have properly basic beliefs about God that an educated Christian adult would deny?

8) Do you believe in psychics? Are you a psychic? Can you know whether or not a virgin had a baby (or any of a number of other purported historical claims in the Bible) based on psychic abilities? Isn’t claiming to know you can irrational?

9) Can you read God’s mind? Every believer on the planet claims to know God’s mind.

10) How do you escape the charge that you’re just making stuff up as you go?


…my opinions or pure logic analysis for later !


[1] Pure logic cannot find a logic process in which “reason and rationale” can rise from “no-reason and irrationality”! 

[2] Pure logic cannot accept a chauvinist only one God with only one Son, and no daughter or wife…! Much less blood ritual death sacrifices for sin or for anything, be they of animals, or of the “only one” of a God/son/Jesus! As this is against any sane common sense justice or love or human rights…! And in pure logic it is a mere ancient pagan violent, inferior logic, requirement…!

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