…prince george “crawls” at 8months old in new ‘zeland’ [new sea-land]…! and has a “eustachian” ear experience…!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

…prince george “crawls” at 8months old in new ‘zeland’ [new sea-land]…! and has a “eustachian” ear experience…!


George goes on royal crawl-about
12:17am Wednesday 9th April 2014 in National News © Press Association 2014


 Prince George has carried out his first official engagement – going on a crawl-about with other babies.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took taken their eight-month-old son to a New Zealand playgroup where they met other parents and their children.

In the plush surroundings of Wellington’s Government House – the official home of the governor general – William and Kate chatted informally with the parents of 10 babies, all a similar age to George, including a pair of gay fathers and a single mum.

Crawling around on the plush blue patterned carpet of the Blandor Room, which was littered with toys including building bricks and a xylophone, George was one of the biggest babies there.

Dressed in £75 blue dungaree shorts by British luxury brand Rachel Riley, a white blouse and soft blue pre walking shoes, he had no fear in pulling himself up towards the other children – and stealing their toys.


…prince george “crawls” at 8months old in new ‘zeland’ [new sea-land]…! and has a “eustachian” ear experience…!

To George “Cambridge” et-all…!

[-] May your life of being a spoiled “brat”, learn what hunger, poordom, and little or no normal clothes, are…!

[-] May your life learn what real true property is…!

[-] May your life learn what it is to be dis-possessed, loss of your only home, doomed to “landlords” rental and government “animal” support…! “Landlords” that live that way, and make it to be so, because Government does not give housing or support to anybody with “assets”…!

[-] Venezuela and similar countries, even in their evil decadence, provide for children doomed to stay in their no taxes property house for ever…!

[-] May you ever learn, that to be “lucky” lasts as long as you are “lucky”…! It is only a matter of time…!

[-] May you ever learn, when you have faced your last enemy, yourself and your own stupid logic and mind…!

[-] May you learn right from wrong, without being told nothing of the Bible garden of Eden…!

[-] May you learn where truly heaven should be, and not somewhere in outer space, as the “drug of the nations Bible Religion” for Political false hopes usage [Karl Marx]…!

[-] May you learn, that others are not inferior poor “subjects”, exposed to your stupid decisions and weird desires…!

[-] May you learn what a true “persona” is, and what “freedoms” are, and WHAT INALIENABLE RIGHTS ARE…!

[-] PRAY for your poor soul as your Religion teaches, to provide what you have taken away for so many HUNDREDS of years to all you have dis-possessed…!

[-] A-N-D why mention much anything else…?

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