…Mary still weeps…! Easter message “ArchBishop England”…!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

…Mary still weeps…! Easter message “ArchBishop England”…!


Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Mary continues to weep across the world’
The Archbishop of Canterbury has highlighted the hardship of people suffering from conflict around the world in his Easter sermon


3:33PM BST 20 Apr 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury used his Easter sermon to highlight the hardship of people suffering from conflict around the world and in Britain. He echoed the words of Pope Francis who called for an end to “deadly force” against the “defenceless” in Syria.

Speaking from Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Justin Welby said: “In Syria mothers cry for their children and husbands. In the Ukraine neighbours cry because the future is precarious and dangerous. In Rwanda tears are still shed each day as the horror of genocide is remembered.

“In this country, even as the economy improves there is weeping in broken families, in people ashamed to seek help from food banks, or frightened by debt. Asylum seekers weep with loneliness and missing far away families. Mary continues to weep across the world.”

This was the Archbishop’s second Easter message since becoming head of the Church of England on March 21 2013.


Easter “Sunday [day of the God Sun/Sol]”:

…Mary continues to WEEP…!

[-] Not because of any more “crucifixions” of Jesus’s style guys…!

[-] But because, English peasants and World’s poor, are still the “crucified” by the Rich and Governments as since 2,000 years ago…!

[-] Mary weeps, because that way she can convince those that believe in her and Jesus, that she does do “real miracles” for “humans”…!

[-] Mary weeps, because so many believe still in her…!

[-] Mary weeps, because she may never have truly existed…!

[-] Mary weeps, more so, since recently the Catholic Church allegedly resurrected her to Glory, from “some-where”…!

[-] Mary weeps, because Jesus did not “Mary” nor was never “merry”…!

[-] Mary weeps because they made her eldest son, the Passover Lamb…!

[-] Mary weeps because she does not know why they celebrate such old beliefs, as a “sacrificial lamb” and blood for sins…!

[-] Mary weeps, because women, still are just that, weeping defenseless beings, in a male World…!

[-] Mary still weeps, because I BLASPHEME her and her son Jesus, as USURPERS and BOGUS CRAP…!

[-] Mary still weeps, because NOBODY IS GOING TO SEE HER AFTER THIS LIFE…! And most probably nobody is going to see anybody after life…!

[-] MARY still weeps, TO NOT LAUGH IN SCORN, to so many “assholes” that believed in Jesus, in her and the BIBLE…!

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