…Some Short stories that are enigmatic in themselves…! A short Poem of “ME & the UNIVERSE”…!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

…Some Short stories that are enigmatic in themselves…! A short Poem of “ME & the UNIVERSE”…!




Some Short stories that are enigmatic in themselves…!




Dis was a harsh, inhospitable, dangerous place and the Magter made it worse. They might have been human once — but they were something else now. The Magter had only one desire — to kill everything, themselves, their planet, the universe if they could.

Brion Brandd was sent in at the eleventh hour. His mission was to save Dis, but it looked as though he was going to preside over its annihilation.



DIS … DIS … DIS … 
it was a word it was a planet and the word thundered                      
                        like a drum a drum the sound
                      of its thunder surrounded and
                          was a wasteland a planet
                           of death a planet where
                             living was dying and
                                dying was very
                                   better than

       crude barbaric
backward miserable
            dirty beneath
                                         hot burning scorching
                                         wasteland of sands
                                       and sands and sands and
                                    sands that burned had
                                  burned will burn forever
                               the people of this planet so
                            crude dirty miserable barbaric
                         sub-human in-human



and DEAD they would be seven million blackened corpses
         that would blacken your dreams all dreams dreams
                            forever because those
                            HYDROGEN BOMBS
                                 were waiting
                                      to kill
                  them unless .. unless .. unless ..

   you Ihjel stopped it you Ihjel (DEATH) you (DEATH)
       you (DEATH) alone couldn’t do it you (DEATH)
                                   must have
  BRION BRANDD wet-behind-the-ears-raw-untrained-
   Brion-Brandd-to-help-you he was the only one in the
      galaxy who could finish the job………..!




A man said to the universe:

A man said to the universe:
“Sir I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

Stephen Crane


A man went before a strange God

A man went before a strange God
The God of many men, sadly wise.
And the deity thundered loudly,
Fat with rage, and puffing.
“Kneel, mortal, and cringe
And grovel and do homage
To My Particularly Sublime Majesty.”

The man fled.

Then the man went to another God
The God of his inner thoughts.
And this one looked at him
With soft eyes
Lit with infinite comprehension,
And said, “My poor child!”

Stephen Crane

Charity thou art a lie

Charity thou art a lie,
A toy of women,
A pleasure of certain men.
In the presence of justice,
Lo, the walls of the temple
Are visible
Through thy form of sudden shadows.

Stephen Crane


“Behold, the grave of a wicked man”
By Stephen Crane

Behold, the grave of a wicked man,
And near it, a stern spirit.
There came a drooping maid with violets,
But the spirit grasped her arm.
“No flowers for him,” he said.
The maid wept:
“Ah, I loved him.”
But the spirit, grim and frowning:
“No flowers for him.”

Now, this is it —
If the spirit was just,
Why did the maid weep?


…my version the what i can say today to the “UNIVERSE”…!

Me & The Universe

I looked at the starry night,
not really knowing what I was seeing!
Are those stars near or far?
And how far?

“Many light years” away, we have all been taught!
And is one of the big mysteries of light travel!
“A few billion light years” is the size of the Universe,
we have also been told!

“Have we come from the atoms of this Universe?
And then become of any living reason?”
“It would not seem so, my dear”, answered her
Majesty the Universe! “A mother is richer than me!”

Why would I even know anything about “riches”;
When my mother is “richer” than the Universe?
Because the “poor without a mother” are not
“rich” as they claim to be!

Stephen Crane’s no obligation enigma in his poem, 
makes me cry in bewilderment: “of what obligation
could be more real…!” than that of a Mother to her
child? She is the child’s Universe, Goddess and Love! 

George F. Thomson B.

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