…S. Africa has a whack of people living in shantees and hungry…! But it is their own abode…!!!

…S. Africa has a whack of people living in shantees and hungry…! But it is their own abode…!!!




Better “style” shantee’s of Cape Town S. Africa

IN THEORY SOUTH AFRICA HAS GOVERNMENT HOUSING PROPERTY for their people! It must be principal inalienable abode…!
I SEE NO South Africa government support for FOOD…!

CANADA does not…!!! And they say ENGLISH are better…! The statistics do not show how many peasants and poor have been made to live rented under landlords…! CANADA peasants are mostly under dressed and hungry…!

USA does not either…!!! USA has more homeless than SOUTH AFRICA…!!!




    Human Settlements Vision 2030Pocket guide to SA – Human settlements
    People’s Housing Process (PHP)
    Women in housing
    Housing institutions

Following President Jacob Zuma’s proclamation in 2009 to change the Department of Housing to the Department of Human Settlements, the focus shifted from housing being just a roof over people’s heads, to providing sustainable and integrated human settlements where people can work, pray, play and have access to amenities required for their day-to- day living.

The mandate of the Department of Human Settlements is to facilitate the creation of sustainable human settlements and improve the quality of household life. Its functions are to determine, finance, promote, communicate and monitor the implementation of housing and sanitation programmes.



…most went to Mandela’s funeral, acting as if they are better…!!!

AS VENEZUELA, you have your own house and home, but with little work and food…! But you cannot die frozen to death by the cold…!

…Brazil has SHANTEE’s scum by the millions…!!!

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Stephen Harpers and Conservatives are cutting spending and balancing thee “budget”…! But how many have lost their jobs in Gov. Canada ??? Raise the Budget Ceiling, how can you lower it ?


Canada Post phasing out home mail delivery, raising rates
Barrie McKenna
Ottawa  The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013, 9:45 AM EST
Last updated Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013, 12:50 PM EST

Canada Post is phasing out urban home delivery and raising rates to cope with dwindling volume and mounting losses.

The federal Crown corporation announced five initiatives Wednesday to overhaul the troubled postal system, including a move to so-called community mailboxes, higher postal rates effective March 31, 2014, expanding network of franchised post offices and cutting up to 8,000 jobs.


…i do not know what savings for Gov. Canada can 8,000 new unemployed be for CANADA…???!!!


Many of these 8,000 that are to lose their JOBS at Canada Post, will enter a new poordom realm…! WHAT HELP IS THIS for a Good Canada Country to its citizens…?

Of course on paper it might make sense to Stephen Harper and Government, but in reality it does NOT MAKE SENSE…!

Stephen Harper, what are you really doing…???

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

…Health Canada and Government Canada makes the New Meds Safety “Vanessa” LAW…! Fines up to 5Million $/day…!


Harper Government Introduces New Law to Protect Patients – Delivers on 2013 Throne Speech
Commitments on Mandatory Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting, Recalls and Accurate Labels



 Rona Ambrose @MinRonaAmbrose
by pmharper
Proud to announce Vanessa’s Law with @terenceyoungmp – Our Gov’t is committed to reinforcing patient safety.bit.ly/1iGM2Pi


December 6, 2013
For immediate release

Factsheet: Taking Action on Patient Safety

OTTAWA – The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, joined by MP Terence Young, today announced from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) that the government is introducing new patient safety legislation, known as the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (Vanessa’s Law) as pledged in the 2013 Speech from the Throne.

“Canadians deserve to have confidence that the medicines they use are safe,” said Minister Ambrose. “Today, we have introduced Vanessa’s Law, a law that would protect Canadians and help ensure that no drug that is unsafe is left on store shelves.”

This marks an important milestone in our government’s commitment to patient safety, as announced in the 2013 Speech from the Throne.

The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (Vanessa’s Law) is named after Vanessa Young, who tragically died of a heart attack while on a prescription drug that later was deemed not safe and removed from the market. The Law would protect Canadian families and children from unsafe medicine by enabling the Government to:

    Require strong surveillance including mandatory adverse drug reaction reporting;
    Recall unsafe products;
    Impose tough new penalties for unsafe products, including jail time and new fines of up to $5 million per day instead of the current $5,000;
    Provide the courts with discretion to impose even stronger fines if violations were caused intentionally;
    Compel drug companies to revise labels to clearly reflect health risk information, including updates for health warnings for children; and
    Compel drug companies to do further testing on a product, including when issues are
identified with certain at-risk populations such as children.

The Government of Canada consulted extensively with patients, healthcare providers and industry on the issues addressed by this new legislation. These changes will build on our existing efforts to ensure that drug labels and safety information are easier to read and understand.

“This new legislation is a welcome arrival for our healthcare system,” said Gail Attara, the Chair of the Best Medicines Coalition, a patient advocacy group. “It would give providers and hospitals better information to make the best choices when prescribing medications – which is good news for patients.”

“It is difficult to overstate the impact this bill will have for Canadians who take prescription and over the counter drugs,” said MP Terence Young. “It represents a quantum leap forward in protecting vulnerable patients and reducing serious adverse drug reactions.

It is absolutely necessary to reduce deaths and injuries caused by adverse drug reactions, seventy percent of which are preventable, and will serve Canadians extremely well.”

For more information on the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (Vanessa’s Law) Amendments to the Food and Drugs Act (Bill C-17), please visit the Health Canada information web page and questions and answers web page.

The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, joined by MP Terence Young, were at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) today to announce that the government is introducing new patient safety legislation, known as Vanessa’s Law (Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act).


Media Enquiries:
Health Canada
Media Relations
(613) 957-2983

Michael Bolkenius
Office of the Honourable Rona Ambrose
Federal Minister of Health
(613) 957-0200

Public Enquiries:
(613) 957-2991
1-866 225-0709


…thanks to Health Canada for so much tight Inspections of Pharmacies…!

HAIL TO MY LAW SUIT, and a child’s DEATH, that could have been my death or further health damage…!
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Tunisia: ‘You can go to jail for a word or an idea’ | Amnesty International


Tunisia: ‘You can go to jail for a word or an idea’ | Amnesty International

…Though Canada = CAN _ a _ Daaah…!, has defined Religious “hate speech”, they have had to accept my Book as Literature CRITIQUE…!!!

BUT Canada is far from Democratic…! There is too much grime damaging the good…!

I HAVE never been so surveiled, so openly oppressed, and felt so inhibited in my life, as in Canada…! Even if I can barely live a low end middle class life style…! I did not know they were so ancient to studies and developments in logic…!

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…To the Holy Grail of Computer/Machine and the Human Organic Brain…! How can the Brain of Organic Neurons hold Information and Think and have Consciousness ?? NEW TOURING-Thomson_TESTS…!!!?


IBM Blue Gene/P Modules Cabinets for Parallel Growth

Landauers Limit
TOP 500 SUPER COMPUTERS [not any Quatum ones yet]
Human Brain, NEURONS and Artificial Inteligence
New TURING-THOMSON_TESTS 1,2,3,4 [Book 2: Another & Continued Book of Pure Logic]





Physicists find way to control individual bits in quantum computers
Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2009 – 09:43 in Physics & Chemistry
Related images
(click to enlarge)
Optical lattices use lasers to separate rubidium atoms (red) for use as information “bits” in neutral-atom quantum processors — prototype devices which designers are trying to develop into full-fledged quantum computers. NIST scientists have managed to isolate and control pairs of the rubidium atoms with polarized light, an advance that may bring quantum computing a step closer to reality.

Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have overcome a hurdle in quantum computer development, having devised* a viable way to manipulate a single “bit” in a quantum processor without disturbing the information stored in its neighbors. The approach, which makes novel use of polarized light to create “effective” magnetic fields, could bring the long-sought computers a step closer to reality. A great challenge in creating a working quantum computer is maintaining control over the carriers of information, the “switches” in a quantum processor while isolating them from the environment. These quantum bits, or “qubits,” have the uncanny ability to exist in both “on” and “off” positions simultaneously, giving quantum computers the power to solve problems conventional computers find intractable – such as breaking complex cryptographic codes.

One approach to quantum computer development aims to use a single isolated rubidium atom as a qubit. Each such rubidium atom can take on any of eight different energy states, so the design goal is to choose two of these energy states to represent the on and off positions. Ideally, these two states should be completely insensitive to stray magnetic fields that can destroy the qubit’s ability to be simultaneously on and off, ruining calculations. However, choosing such “field-insensitive” states also makes the qubits less sensitive to those magnetic fields used intentionally to select and manipulate them. “It’s a bit of a catch-22,” says NIST’s Nathan Lundblad. “The more sensitive to individual control you make the qubits, the more difficult it becomes to make them work properly.”

To solve the problem of using magnetic fields to control the individual atoms while keeping stray fields at bay, the NIST team used two pairs of energy states within the same atom. Each pair is best suited to a different task: One pair is used as a “memory” qubit for storing information, while the second “working” pair comprises a qubit to be used for computation. While each pair of states is field- insensitive, transitions between the memory and working states are sensitive, and amenable to field control. When a memory qubit needs to perform a computation, a magnetic field can make it change hats. And it can do this without disturbing nearby memory qubits.

The NIST team demonstrated this approach in an array of atoms grouped into pairs, using the technique to address one member of each pair individually. Grouping the atoms into pairs, Lundblad says, allows the team to simplify the problem from selecting one qubit out of many to selecting one out of two  which, as they show in their paper, can be done by creating an effective magnetic field, not with electric current as is ordinarily done, but with a beam of polarized light. The polarized-light technique, which the NIST team developed, can be extended to select specific qubits out of a large group, making it useful for addressing individual qubits in a quantum processor without affecting those nearby. “If a working quantum computer is ever to be built,” Lundblad says, “these problems need to be addressed, and we think we’ve made a good case for how to do it.” But, he adds, the long-term challenge to quantum computing remains: integrating all of the required ingredients into a single apparatus with many qubits.
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)



Limits to computation
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There are several physical and practical limits to the amount of computation or data storage that can be performed with a given amount of mass, volume, or energy:

    The Bekenstein bound limits the amount of information that can be stored within a spherical volume to the entropy of a black hole with the same surface area.
    The temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation gives a practical lower limit to the energy consumed to perform computation of approximately 4kT per state change, where T is the temperature of the background (about 3 kelvins), and k is the Boltzmann constant. While a device could be cooled to operate below this temperature, the energy expended by the cooling would offset the benefit of the lower operating temperature.
    Bremermann’s limit is the maximum computational speed of a self-contained system in the material universe, and is based on mass-energy versus quantum uncertainty constraints.
    Margolus Levitin theorem sets a bound on the maximum computational speed per unit of energy: 6 × 1033 operations per second per joule
    Landauer’s principle is a physical principle pertaining to the lower theoretical limit of energy consumption of a computation.

Several methods have been proposed for producing computing devices or data storage devices that approach physical and practical limits:

    A cold degenerate star could conceivably be used as a giant data storage device, by carefully perturbing it to various excited states, in the same manner as an atom or quantum well used for these purposes. Such a star would have to be artificially constructed, as no natural degenerate stars will cool to this temperature for an extremely long time. It is also possible that nucleons on the surface of neutron stars could form complex “molecules”[1] which some have suggested might be used for computing purposes,[2] creating a type of computronium based on femtotechnology which would be faster and denser than computronium based on nanotechnology.
    It may be possible to use a black hole as a data storage and/or computing device, if a practical mechanism for extraction of contained information can be found. Such extraction may in principle be possible (Stephen Hawking’s proposed resolution to the black hole information paradox). This would achieve storage density exactly equal to the Bekenstein Bound. Professor Seth Lloyd calculated the computational abilities of an “ultimate laptop” formed by compressing a kilogram of matter into a black hole of radius 1.485 × 10−27 meters, concluding that it would only last about 10−19 seconds before evaporating due to Hawking radiation, but that during this brief time it could compute at a rate of about 5 × 1050 operations per second, ultimately performing about 1032 operations on 1016 bits (~1 PB). Lloyd notes that “Interestingly, although this hypothetical computation is performed at ultra-high densities and speeds, the total number of bits available to be processed is not far from the number available to current computers operating in more familiar surroundings.”[3]



D-Wave Systems Inc.
3033 Beta Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia,

.Quantum Computing Firm D-Wave Systems Announces Milestone of 100 U.S. Patents Granted, Patent Portfolio also Rated #4 in Computing Systems by IEEE Spectrum in Latest Quality Assessment – June 20th, 2013
.Quantum Computing Firm D-Wave Systems Announces Publication of New Peer-Reviewed Paper in Nature Communications – May 22nd, 2013
.D-Wave TwoTM Quantum Computer Selected for New Quantum Artificial Intelligence Initiative, System to be Installed at NASA’s Ames Research Center, and Operational in Q3 – May 16th, 2013
.Quantum Computing Firm D-Wave Systems Launches U.S. Business; Industry Veteran Bo Ewald Will Lead U.S. Business and Global Customer Operations – May 2nd, 2013
.D-Wave Systems, Inc., the World’s First Commercial Quantum Computing Company, Secures $30 Million in a New Equity Round From Investors Including Bezos Expeditions and In-Q-Tel – October 4th, 2012
.Harvard Researchers Use D-Wave Quantum Computer to Fold Proteins – August 14th, 2012
Quantum Computing Pioneer D-Wave Inks Deal with Cloud Platform Leader PiCloud – June 28th, 2012
.Colin P. Williams, Noted Quantum Computing Expert, Author, Scientist and Lecturer Joins D-Wave Systems Inc. – June 14th, 2012
.D-Wave Defies World of Critics With ‘First Quantum Cloud’ – February 22nd, 2012
.CTO of D-Wave Dr. Geordie Rose named Canadian Innovator of the Year – November 21st, 2011
.Wall Street Journal: A Quantum Leap for a Big, Cold Computer – October 31st, 2011
.USC To Establish First Operational Quantum Computing System at an Academic Institution – October 28th, 2011
.D-Wave Systems sells its first Quantum Computing System to Lockheed Martin Corporation – May 25th, 2011
.Vancouver, Canada-based D-Wave Systems reports on quantum processor in Nature Magazine – May 12th, 2011
.Tech impact awards – May 2nd, 2011



Neocortical column modelling

The initial goal of the project, completed in December 2006,[4] was the simulation of a rat neocortical column, which is considered by some researchers to be the smallest functional unit of the neocortex[5][6] (the part of the brain thought to be responsible for higher functions such as conscious thought). Such a column is about 2 mm tall, has a diameter of 0.5 mm and contains about 60,000 neurons in humans; rat neocortical columns are very similar in structure but contain only 10,000 neurons (and 108 synapses). Between 1995 and 2005, Markram mapped the types of neurons and their connections in such a column.


…To the Holy Grail of Computer/Machine and the Human Organic Brain…! How can the Brain of Organic Neurons hold Information and Think and have Consciousness ???

_ We have a limit in the NANO(10e-09m) and PICO(10e-12m) Computer Structures!

_ Quantum Computing tries to make possible to go smaller and use less energy, but is still in the making…! The venture into QUANTUM realms of Femtometer 10e-15m

_ Is DWAVE doing the QUANTUM breakthrough? See Press Releases!

_ The Human Brain size of NEURONS in a NeoCortical Column, is [A column of 2mm tall and 0.5mm diameter has around 60million neurons]. The Approximate size of these Human Neurons would be:
1/60000000 = 1.7e10-11 m <–> ~ 10e-12 m .

How can a Micro-Processor, QUANTUM Procesor, etc. have this HUMAN BRAIN and NEURONS size and be the same as us ?

_ New TURING-THOMSON_TESTS 1,2,3,4,5 .[George Frederick Thomson Broadhead 10Dec2013]

My Book 2 will explain the why and the complexity of each definition…!
But for all to use up your “grey matter” on it in expectancy, I will define each of the 5.

If a “Judge” cannot tell reliably the difference blind folded between the machine and the human, that the machine has passed the test!?

We(Humans) can make a Super-Computer. A Super-Computer cannot make us(Humans). If a Super-Computer has this limitation, it is not the same or equal to a Human.

We(Humans) cannot define sufficiently enough CONSCIOUSNESS, so how can we make a Super-Computer have a quasi-consciousness, if ever? Then the Computer fails the test.

When a Super-Computer could be designed to be the size of a Human Brain, or a Computer with the size and capability of the Human brain. If not the Computer fails the test.

A Super_computer could be as creative to invent things and write BOOKS and NOVELS without Human aid. If not the Computer fails the test.

If a Human and Human Brain/Mind cannot make another THINKING Conscious Super-Computer similar and equal to a HUMAN Brain/MIND, then MOTHER NATURE did not make a HUMAN nor much less a Human BRAIN. The Computer Fails the Test. Mother NATURE and Evolution as such Fails the test also.


…Have all a Happy December Celebrations and New Years 2014…!

 I Cannot give any wishes to Christmas = CHRIST-MAS, as I do not believe in CHRIST nor the Catholic Mass, nor the Protestant Evangelical Jesus! Nor the Orthodox Jews Jehovah!

Enjoy life and pure logic, there is nothing else in logic to be happy about…!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

…the final story for now of the AUTOMOBILE Government BAILOUT…! Believe me, there will be soon as bad or worse stories to come of AUTO’s…!



Treasury sells rest of GM stock, ends bailout with $10.5-billion loss



By Jim Puzzanghera

December 9, 2013, 2:32 p.m.

WASHINGTON — The federal government on Monday sold its remaining shares of General Motors Co. stock, ending the controversial $49.5-billion bailout of the automaker with an approximately $10.5-billion loss for taxpayers.

“This marks one of the final chapters in the administration’s efforts to protect the broader economy by providing support to the automobile industry,” Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said.




…so we ask? does CAPITALISM really work ? Only partially ! The government always has to supervise the Economy…!

Why ? The Government runs and Prints the Money…!

The Government helps big corps, but the little guy can go broke and become a poor peasant…!

These ideals are wrong!

Heaven is here, and most of us can be middle class income humans or richer…!

Homeless, than Drugs and mobsters, are only parasites, that really cause more damage to others, that the little help in the “false economy”…!

WHAT IS WORSE: most automobiles are “crap technology”, made for the SPARE PARTS INDUSTRY…!
Again you feed the SPARE PARTS Industry small employers at the bigger expense of all the Car USERS, and GLOBAL WARMING and GLOBAL depletion of EMERGENCY CRUDE OIL ENERGY…!

In a good Eastern Europe educated society, Police can control any evil, without the false aid of Drugsters…! Because mostly are educated and have work and live well…! Even with Government aid…!

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…22,000 homeless children in New York…! What….???


Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life
Child Poverty in New York City
…RARELY IF EVER will you find an article of USA reality in CNN TV…! Why? : They are Politico!

To link to this article from your blog, copy and paste the url below into your blog or homepage. Using this link will ensure access to the article, even after it becomes part of the NYT archive.



There are more than 22,000 homeless children in New York, the highest number since the Great Depression. This is one of their stories.



…how can OBAMA a “negro” President, not even mention HOMELESS Children of New York, Washington D.C., etc…!?

BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A BEUROCRAT POLITICO, that has lost most of his human sensibility!
IT does not give USA and a President a “good image” to even mention the HOMELESS of USA, and the dirt of CAPITALISM…!

…22,000 holess children in NEW YORK is more than those during the GREAT DEPRESSION…!
SO WHERE DID PROGRESS and the benefit of STOCK MARKETS, GOVERNMENT OF THE “WHITES”, “false economies = drug money washing” GO TO…???

NOOO…! It is the proportion of the POPULATION OF NEW YORK…!!!

Noooooooooo…! Even one[uno] homeless child IS PROOF THAT GOVERNMENT’S are SLAVISTS and segregationists, and make peasants-poor and social classes…!!!
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